How a Logical Mind Responds to Life’s Trials

potterFind some clay. Pound it. Twist it. Make it soft and pliable. Divide it. Roll it into a clay snake. Scrunch back into one mass. Roll it into a perfect sphere. Smash it. Stop and contemplate it. Mold it. Sculpt it. Form the sinuous curves of your desired shape. Make it aesthetically pleasing. Feel the clay etched into your skin, the little valleys and hills, and its surprising moistness. Observe the clay stuff that got under your finger-nails. Stop daydreaming. Return to your sculpture. Labor. Sweat over it. Try so hard to make it the way it’s supposed to be. Feel frustration. Re-mold part of it. Mess up. Re-mold that part again. Stop and realize that your creation is fundamentally flawed and that not even Michelangelo could save it. Debate and ponder. Look at the clock. Feel reluctance. Bring your fist down in the center. Roll it all up into a ball again. Feel the regret. Feel the sadness. Feel the emotions ebb. Start again. Shape it.  Form it. Make it beautiful. Relish the effort. Start to see something great coming out. Keep on working. Find results. Get excited. Start working harder. Make a mistake. Try to correct it. Make it worse. Dismiss for future fixing. Sculpt another part. Make another mistake. Make another. Pause. Debate  the pros and cons of the new project versus the old. Weigh the mental image of the previous sculpture in your mind. Compare and contrast. Feel anger at the conclusion that the previous sculpture was better, and that you have destroyed the better work. Almost cry. Resist. Push back the emotions. Destroy the work. Roll it into a ball again. Re-focus and re-concentrate. Make strategies to avoid previous mistakes. Start again, with less vigor. Make a mistake. Get mad. Roll it into a ball again. Start molding again. Make another mistake. Yield to fury. Smash it with energy. Stop. Take a step back. Meditate. Master your emotions. Wait for a few minutes to pass. Return to the clay. Start molding again, carefully. Be slow. Take care. Correct minor mistakes. Feel patience drain like your energy. Ignore and continue in a meticulous manner. Be strong and continue to mold. See good results. Resist excitement. Be methodical. Obtain level of work superior to anything previously. Congratulate yourself silently. Continue working. Continue molding. Don’t make a mistake. Weigh likeliness of achieving previous sentence. Think deeply. Come to new conclusion. Resolve to not make a mistake for as long as possible. Continue creation.